• Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
    (32 and 64 bit)

Installing and Activating LPDR Swing Analytics

Create a Clubhouse account and login (optional).

Download LPDR Swing Analytics and install it on your computer.

To activate purchased modules, start LPDR Swing Analytics and click on File->Activate Purchased Modules...

Modules can be purchased from our e-store.

Other Downloads
LPDR Swing Analytics Versions
  • Fixed bug where LP Tour is recognized as Flite
  • More accurate distance calculation
  • Ability for Flite users to upgrade to Tour
  • Addressed the issue of freezing with older Launchpad Tour models
  • Added RC buttons functionality:
    • X acts as the ESC button
    • Triangle button switches game modes
- Compatible with Tiger Woods Online (beta)
- Ability to set goals in Workout!
- Added Workout! module
- Purchased modules activation